Winter season is here!

Well, it’s time to get ready for winter and Christmas season is on the way. There are many possibilities and whether you feel you’ve used the same black dress several times and is a little tired of it, you should not despair.
You do not need to buy new dresses every year.
With products from Glamweb you have the opportunity to dress up the little black dress or your favorite pumps that you are so fond of.
With shoe chains, body chains or the new Cleopatra necklace can quickly freshen up and you will look smashing all over again.
The gorgeous white henna tattoos are also a hit and will soon be able to highlight and decorate your new image.
So do not wait too long, suddenly, it may be too late.

HAve a great fall everyone 🙂

New necklace arriving!

New pendent necklace is arriving, in gold and silver color.
This is very hot “over seas” this summer and is a “must have” for wearing on the beach, the club or any other place you might go.
You can wear them with other accessories as well as flash tattoos, swimsuite, dress og other alfit for the day.
Be sure to glam up with this delightful piece of jewelry 😉