So much that happens!

There has been so much happening the past 2 months, and I can not even describe it!
With 3 deaths the past 2 month, you start to realize and ask your self about your life?
I have learned so much the past month´s, and what I should appreciate about my life.
Who you should choose to be around you? And who you appreciate?
Who will appreciate you and the life you live now?

These are some deep toughts about life and some drastic changes of what you would like to go forward with!

I have made out a quote regarding my feelings, and would like to share it with you:

Live the life you want to love!
Love the life, and who would like to be in it!
Make no regrets to the life you live.
Or who you should choose to be in it!
Love who you are, no matter who says what!
You only live once, so live it no matter what!

Have a great week, and live it like you have never lived before.
Live like it is the last day of your live and love it, and the once who would love to be in it!

GlamWeb <3