3 full time job´s?

That it was it feels like, 3 full time jobs!

It has been almost a whole year and much has happened in the last year. And I must honestly admit that it has been a tough year.
Marriage breaks up and a seperation is inevitable, the children grow bigger and move out soon. Challenge with the health that requires treatment for 6 months. And unfortunately, glamweb.no had to suffer a bit because I also work full time in another job.
But I’m looking forward to everyday that I can work with Glamweb. So this is therapy for me. 🙂

You learn so much of the things that come your way. And it’s so important to think of yourself sometime. And I’ve learned so much the past year, even though I’m over 40 years !!!
(You learn as long as you live, it is said).

If you’re not feeling fine, nobody around you is fine. You must first and foremost think about yourself. Do not forget who you are and do not put yourself or your things aside to try and make others happy!

This was a little “breath in the ground” to remind everyone out there that life goes on, but do not forget yourself in all that is going on! It is so important that you take care of the YOU first.

As the motto of Glamweb says: Be happy – Feel Sexy – Be You!

*I wish everyone out there a great summer, enjoy yourself, be happy, and appreciate the things that matter!

Remember to Check out the new products that have arrived! Double ring in silver, Bohemian footband and Henna tattoo!

See you!

*New Beginning 2017*
I would like to thank my closest friends and family for being there for me the past year. THANK YOU! ILOVE YOU<3 glamweb_footchain3




A “mini vacation” in Spain!

It was great with a “mini vacation” in Spain and to feel the sun warming my body again.
And it was a lot of fun taking some more pictures for my site. I just love it when I can use my imagination and decorate my body with these amazing Henna tattoos.
It feels so amazing and so much fun, but….

The days fly by and I have not managed to do everything I should have! But hey, thats just how days sometimes are.
We forget that we need to breath and when we first do so, it feels so nice to be alive <3 What a feeling when I finally relax and feel the world around me. Why do we have a tendency to “hurry” and feel cramped up at times? Remember to stop, relax and breathe once in a while, because you deserve it <3 Have a great evening out there, and remember to enjoy life! GlamWeb

Some time off in the sun!

A beautiful and a great vacation in Thailand was a good reminder of how much i missed this country.
The food, the warmth, the people and all the things you are able to buy.
Lazy days at the beach getting “tanned” and waiting for the summer to come to Norway was not bad at all!
A break from the stressful everyday life, we so often need to take some minutes to our self reminding us of that life is good.
Remember to calm down, appreciate the good in life and be positiv and grateful.
Have a great weekend everyone, hope you have a good one.

Winter season is here!

Well, it’s time to get ready for winter and Christmas season is on the way. There are many possibilities and whether you feel you’ve used the same black dress several times and is a little tired of it, you should not despair.
You do not need to buy new dresses every year.
With products from Glamweb you have the opportunity to dress up the little black dress or your favorite pumps that you are so fond of.
With shoe chains, body chains or the new Cleopatra necklace can quickly freshen up and you will look smashing all over again.
The gorgeous white henna tattoos are also a hit and will soon be able to highlight and decorate your new image.
So do not wait too long, suddenly, it may be too late.

HAve a great fall everyone 🙂

Gorgeous white henna tattoo arrived to GlamWeb

Beautiful white henna tattoo – Boheme and See breeze, has arrived, and I am so excited and can not wait to use them.
with these gorgeous design you can decorate your body in any way possible.
These are as popular as the flash tattoos and will look good with your swimwear, dress or other outfit you wish to use.
Style up with variations like necklace, bracelet, finger decorations or decorate you face with these fantastic designs.
Glam up and feel beautiful 🙂 Shimmer and shine, girls!

Check them out Here!

Flash Tattoos from GlamWeb at Conrisa Cafe & Restaurant

Conrisa Cafe & restaurant.
A fantastic meny of food and drinks you can get at this amazing restaurant in La Cala, Spain – Bulevar La Cala de Mijas 19, 29649 Mijas Costa (Behind Supersol).
With Norwegian, danish and Spanish talking waitress and staff you should really indulge yourself to a meal at this location.

You can also get flash tattoos from GlamWeb here as well.

So take your time and visit this place, and you will not regret it. 😉
They also have a take away menu.

Enjoy 🙂

Flash Tattoos from GlamWeb

If you are in Spain, more likely La Cala, then you need to visit NS Pelequeros Hairdresser, C/Marbella, n5 La Cala de Mijas.
You can get flash tattoos from GlamWeb at their salong.
The wonderful people working there are just amazing and so welcoming to everybody.
They really enjoy their work 🙂
Take a trip and visit them if you are around.

Happy Summer everyone 🙂