Can you wear it? Hell Yeah!
Nothing feeds the soul like beautiful jewelry. It makes you feel wonderful, is exciting to look at and makes you happy and fabulous.
It brings a smile to your face and a wow effect you never thought was possible.
This feeling also affects the people around you.

All we want to do is feel marvelous, and decorate us with the things that make us feel and look good.
Have you not felt that yet?

For many years I have been fascinated by jewelry and the pleasure of wearing them, has set it´s mark on me since I was a little girl.
*Remember when you where young, standing in front of the mirror with your mother´s necklace and rings thinking you looked so pretty*
Keep that memory alive, the pleasure of being fabulous, feeling good and being you!
I wanted to do something about that, therefor I started Glamweb.no

I am located in Oslo – Norway and my goal is to inspire you and look at the trend that is “lurking” in the rest of the world.

Accessories that is a bit unusual but make you feel inspired, and make you have that wow effect and that pleases you.

This is the site for the products that makes you stands out in the crowd and give you that extra signature for you!
GlamWeb will keep you up-to-date about jewelry, teach you to wear them with a grin on your face and a feeling of being Sexy.

GlamWeb have a low volume of products, you will not run into thousand of other people with the same product.
I am committed to quality and have several products that are handcrafted.
The contact with my manufacturer is important and I do not have middlemen or subcontractor, so the item are shipped directly to me.
Therefore I have products with high quality and at a reasonable price.

So, start now with taking a few minuts for yourself, enjoy beeing in the moment and feeling relaxed.

Welcome to GlamWeb.no – Be Happy – Feel Sexy – Be you!

Renate 🙂