A “mini vacation” in Spain!

It was great with a “mini vacation” in Spain and to feel the sun warming my body again.
And it was a lot of fun taking some more pictures for my site. I just love it when I can use my imagination and decorate my body with these amazing Henna tattoos.
It feels so amazing and so much fun, but….

The days fly by and I have not managed to do everything I should have! But hey, thats just how days sometimes are.
We forget that we need to breath and when we first do so, it feels so nice to be alive <3 What a feeling when I finally relax and feel the world around me. Why do we have a tendency to “hurry” and feel cramped up at times? Remember to stop, relax and breathe once in a while, because you deserve it <3 Have a great evening out there, and remember to enjoy life! GlamWeb